Become A Coach. Change Lives.
Warning - This Coaching Workshop Is Limited To Only 12 People. 
It will sell out fast.
From the Desk of Shaun McCloskey:

If you want to help other people change their lives, exponentially increase your income and receive that income every month like clockwork, this is the most important web page you've ever visited. Here's why. ..

In the past 9 years, I’ve personally coached hundreds of people all over the country, creating (and helping others to create) millions of dollars in recurring revenue through coaching, consulting and mastermind businesses. 

As a matter of fact, one of the very first students I ever started coaching, Joe McCall, built a coaching business a few years ago as well. Joe did more than $1 million dollars in coaching revenue last year alone. 

So here’s the scoop, and something I’m ridiculously excited about! Joe and I got to talking recently and decided to partner up to share everything we’ve learned about the coaching and mastermind business, and we’re only going to share it with 12 people. That’s it, no more... Just 12 people. 
Caution: Before I go any further, let me tell that our results aren’t typical. 

Truth is, most people that attend events or pay for training don’t ever do anything with what they learn and only a few end up making more than a million dollars last year like Joe. 

On this page (and at this event) I’m going to share with you what has worked for Joe and I and many of our students who have also built coaching and mastermind programs. 

I’d like to think it will work for you too, but the truth is, I have no way of knowing your background, whether or not you have any active brain cells whatsoever to make it work, or whether or not you’ll actually implement even 10% of what we’re going to teach at this event. 

That being said, ONLY keep reading if you fully understand this and are willing to admit that you’re not like most people anyway. This business, like any business, has people doing incredibly well, and people who never make any money at all. 

In a nutshell, don’t be like most people, or stop reading now.
Would You Make A Good Coach?
  • Do you thrive on helping others?
  • Do you get immense satisfaction out of seeing other people grow?
  • Do you want to get compensated well for your expertise and knowledge?
  • Are you looking for another revenue source that stays consistent and has income streaming to you every single month?
  • Do you have a desire to create a 6 and/or 7 figure coaching, consulting and/or mastermind business?
If so... Pay Attention...
Perhaps you are...
  • Looking for a great way to streamline your existing income with a consistent paycheck coming in every single month without having to do a deal, sell a product, manage a staff of people etc… (To give you an idea, I run my entire coaching business with only one assistant, and she works from home.) 
  • Already doing consulting or coaching and want to increase your business?  
  • Already successful in an existing business or set of skills and want to get paid based on that proven track record or experience.
  • Already helping other people but have been "giving away the farm" for free.
ATTENTION: For those of you that have been “giving away the farm”... you are actually doing people a disservice unless you’re charging for your expertise. 

You MUST CHARGE people for your coaching and expertise. People who pay for your services and have more at stake, will perform better than people who get it for free.
  • How to get waves of people begging to give you their money so that you can help them accomplish their dreams, goals and aspirations. (We’ll teach you how to deliver this to them as well…)
  • How to build recurring revenue that comes in every single month. (without having to do a deal, sell a product, manage a staff...)
  • How to monetize your knowledge and skills and have people thanking you for being a catalyst in changing their lives for the better.
  • How to build a coaching or mastermind business without interfering with your day to day business. (To give you an idea, I own 4 other businesses and I can run my entire coaching business in 1 full day plus 2 additional half days per month. And I could live quite comfortably on that income alone.)
  • How to structure your coaching business. There are 8 different ways to structure this business depending on your own personal goals and personality type.
  • How to not get enslaved by this business. (Set boundaries!) Listen, this business can be the most rewarding business you’ve ever been a part of, or it can be your worst nightmare. All of that depends on how you structure the program and the boundaries you put in place up front.
"But I'm not qualified..."
Most people think that in order to coach, you have to have all the answers for everything. That couldn't be further from the truth. 

WARNING! The single biggest obstacle to you making huge amounts of money as a consultant, coach and/or running a mastermind is the ridiculous notion that you have absolutely no expertise to offer that's worth anything, that you just aren’t qualified to do this. 

The truth is, most people ridiculously undervalue the value and marketability of their own life experiences and knowledge base. And we’re going to show you how to change this.
Spend 3 Days with Shaun McCloskey and Joe McCall, and they will personally hold your hand through the entire process.
Joe and I are going to bring together 12 people for 3 days and not only teach you everything we know about the coaching/mastermind business, we’re also going to help you get your business setup from start to finish while you’re here. 

In other words, come spend some time with us, and we are all going to roll up our sleeves together to get some serious work done so that you’re ready to start coaching as soon as you get back home. 

What I mean by this is, this is a WORKSHOP, so come prepared to take some serious action and get a lot of the heavy lifting done while you’re here. 

You're not coming to just sit in a seminar for 3 days and walk away with a stack of notes you'll do nothing with. 

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and build the framework necessary to go out and immediately get prospects to hand you their money and then thank you for taking it.
FIRST – we need to introduce you to all of the different types of coaching businesses that are available to you, and help you understand the benefits of each one.
For example...
  • Will you offer one on one coaching? One to many (like on group phone calls, webinars, etc…?)  
  • Will you coach for a monthly fee? Yearly fee? Or for ownership in the student's business? All up front? Or over time?
  • Will you charge quarterly, yearly? Which is best for retention purposes? 
  • Will you offer any “done for you” services? Or will the student do it all on their own? 
  • Do you have a product also? (Here’s a little clue.. you don’t need one.)
We’ll then help you create a strategic plan to decide which type of coaching or mastermind group best fits your ideal lifestyle. 

By the end of the 1st day, you'll have a complete plan for how that's going to happen. 

There are 8 different full blown models to emulate depending on how you choose to structure your coaching/consulting/mastermind business. All you need to do is understand the benefits associated to each one, and then pick one. 

We’ll hold your hand through this. 

Our job is to educate you first on what to do, then help you to build a system for turning it into reality.
SECOND – we will personally assist you in creating map designed with one sole purpose - bringing you immediate coaching, consulting and/or mastermind clients who will hand you their money. 
Most people spend so much time in the planning stage; they never get around to actually making the business profitable. 

We're going to help you complete the plan and design the map right there at the event so that you can now implement and install everything you've learned, turning it into actual clients who pay you actual dollars to coach them.
THIRD - We go to work for you, helping you to build out several of your marketing funnels right there at the event.   
After you leave the event, you’ll be ready to unleash your completed marketing plan, you’ll know exactly what to do, what to say, and exactly how to fill your coaching spots and/or mastermind groups.   

(By the way, you can do all of marketing correctly and still lose people if you don’t know how to handle them once they’re “in,” so you’ll also learn the top 5 things you must do to retain your coaching students once they’re in. To give you an idea, our average coaching student stays with us for 4+ years or more and we want to show you how to do this as well…)

You'll discover precisely what to say to get prospects to happily pay you what you want. Specifically what to do, in order, to keep them happy and get them coming back for more, month after month, year after year, every single time.
I don’t mean to sound like I’m tooting my own horn here, but the truth is, this event is top notch, and there’s nothing out there anything like it. 

It’s so good, not only will we offer you a full blown money back guarantee if it's not everything Joe and I promise it to be and more... 

If you attend and think for any reason that it just plain ol’ sucks and we're not delivering everything you see here, (and more) we'll not only refund your money, we'll also pay your airfare for the event. Heck, I'll even cut you a check for $1,000 just for wasting your time. 

I've got news for you though.. Of all the times I've offered this at other events I've done in the past, I've never once had someone ask for their money back. Not once. You won’t either. But the guarantee is there just incase.

The worst case scenario is you get $1,000 from us for wasting your time. The best case scenario is that we work together, one on one in a uniquely small environment at this event, to help you build a kick ass business that brings in a ton of income for you... while you get to help other people become successful too.  
When you attend this event, you'll be working directly with Joe and I personally.
To give you an idea, I have a waiting list right now of people that want into my coaching group and have only had one opening in the past year. There’s a reason for that. 

Joe just did a webinar last week and ended up creating more than $60,000 in revenue from coaching alone. 

This is why I'm sought out by Yale University, Tigrent Education, Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) just about every major Real Estate Investors Association in the country, countless webinar leaders, podcasts, live events, you name it. 

And this is why Joe is regularly asked to speak on stages in Prague, England and Spain, as well as all over the United States.

Joe and I have both personally worked with some of the biggest name speakers in the country, teaching them how to perform better for their students. 

I guess what I’m saying is this… it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been running a full blown coaching/consulting/mastermind business for 10 years or you haven’t taken on your first student yet, we’ve been around that block and can dramatically impact your business in 3 days.    
Did I mention this is only for 12 people? 
That's it. I don’t want 100 people in a room. It’s too hard to make it personal that way. 

I want to personally help you build this business and change some lives in the process. But once we're full, we're full.

So what’s the investment, you ask? 

It’s $10K.  Why is it $10K? 

Because if you do what you're taught at this event, you can make that much on your very first coaching student. 

Either that, or you can do what I did, which is screw up everything you can possibly screw up in this business trying to learn it on your own for 5-7 years until you figure out what works. 

So this may not be a repeated event. This is your one shot chance only.
What Are You Going To Walk Away With?
  • A Detailed Map Of Your Coaching Program - so you know exactly what your coaching business is going to look like and you can focus on what matters most.
  • Marketing Plan For Promotion - so you know exactly how to build a list and attract the best clients with simple and effective content
  • Conversion Plan - so you can know how to quickly and easily convert your applicants into clients & not waste your time with tire-kickers
  • Two Website Funnels To Sell Your Coaching With - so you don't have to worry about all the technical details of building a website
  • Sales Scripts For Your Funnels - so you have something to start from and don't have to hire an expensive copywriter
  • 30 Days of Additional "Implementation Coaching" - We're going to stay with you even after the event is over to ensure everything we teach you at the event is implemented.  
  • BOTTOM LINE - Long gone are the days of having a stack of notes from an event you'll never implement.  We're going to implement your plan together!
100% Money Back Guarantee

Simple Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you attend the workshop and think for any reason that this event is not everything we promise it's going to be, and more, we'll not only refund your money, we will also refund your airfare up to $1,000.

Of all the times we've offered guarantees at other events we've done in the past, we've never once had someone ask for their money back. Not once... But the guarantee is there just incase.
What Are You Waiting For?
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